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Small Group Training

EmpowerU Fitness is thrilled to introduce small group training exclusively for women, providing the perfect balance of individualized attention and the motivation that comes from a group setting. Our women-only small group sessions maintain a low participant-to-trainer ratio, ensuring that you receive the dedicated support and guidance you need, all while tapping into the collective energy of the group.

Personal Training

Our one-on-one personal training is a specific fitness program that aligns directly to your lifestyle and personal goals. It is for someone that wants personal attention and private setting. We begin with a body composition assessment, measurements, and movement assessment, to create a customized fitness program that takes into consideration your current condition, injuries, your specific health and fitness goals, and any special requests for strong proven results and safe outcomes.


EmpowerU Fitness specializes in personalized nutrition coaching sessions, aimed at assisting you in adopting a healthier lifestyle that aligns with your fitness objectives. Our team of certified nutrition coaches will provide expert guidance in developing a well-rounded dietary plan, empowering you with the knowledge of essential nutrition principles for long-term achievements.

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Our biggest goal is to help you achieve yours.

Our primary goal is to assist you in achieving yours. We have systems in place designed to help you reach your objectives, but they are adaptable. We don’t attempt to force our clients into a one-size-fits-all system; instead, we tailor our methods to suit your needs! Your aspirations always take precedence in any decision-making process related to our clients.

Movement Matters.

Indeed, frequent movement is essential. Your body thrives on activity, even if it doesn’t always feel that way. Our aim is to ensure you move effectively and painlessly. Our approach involves correcting movements using release and stretching techniques, corrective exercises, and form correction. While working hard and to your maximum capacity is crucial, the priority is always longevity and pain-free movement.

We don’t subscribe to gimmicks or the latest fad diets.

Do Paleo, Keto, Weight Watchers, etc. work? They might for some people, but like any diet, they’re not for everyone. We advocate a more balanced approach. We want you to consume the right amount of healthy, nutritious food that you enjoy. Starvation and eating food you dislike every day is not the path to long-term success.

Meet David!

COACH david


From a young, hyperactive kid dabbling in numerous sports activities, I've journeyed through a wide-ranging fitness adventure. Baseball, football, karate, wrestling, volleyball, mountain biking, and adventure racing have each been part of my story, sparking my love for fitness when I began hitting the gym before school. The thrill of pushing my limits, feeling my muscles work, and witnessing physical changes was captivating. Despite life's challenges - from job dissatisfaction and personal loss to battling depression - my commitment to fitness never waned. Finally, choosing to dive back into my passion, I established EmpowerU Fitness in West Dundee, turning fear into action. Through firsthand experience, I've learned the power of transformation, and now, my mission is to help others love their life, one fitness goal at a time.

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