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An incredible 6 month weight loss journey

More than just weight loss,

When my client hired me to be her personal trainer/weight loss coach, she was feeling horrible about herself. She wouldn’t take photos with her family, was embarrassed at work meetings, she couldn’t believe the nice things her husband said about her. Possibly the biggest thing was that she felt life was out of control.

After signing up and making the choice to change quickly evoked feelings of nervousness, excitement and hope!

Once she started to see progress in strength, energy, weight loss and the mental changes…something happened. She not just thought it was possible, she KNEW it was!

Then things really started to happen!

Her weight loss and physical changes were great but even more important was the way she felt about herself was changing! She was feeling proud of herself, she trusted the process and she knows when she falls, she is strong enough to get right back up and try again. The way others saw her was changing too.

She loves working out now, something she never thought she’d say. And, she is so encouraging to everyone in our group. I know she will inspire many others by showing them what we’re all capable of.

Oh, and her 6 month results?

-33 Inches


-11% Body fat

What did she find so far? Satisfaction in her job, love and her life. She now looks forward to to taking photos with her family to save those memories, she walks into those meetings and commands the room, she believes all the great things her husband says about her and she looks forward to life again!

How did she do it? She reached out for help. Found the right coach/personal trainer for her and jumped in with both feet.

To say I’m proud of her would be a huge understatement. For lack of being able to express how well she has done, suffice to say…Me seeing the happiness you feel in your eyes when you come in to the studio says it all. Here’s to more great changes in the near future!

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