How to stop sabotaging your fitness success

How can 2 people do the same program and get different results? Are you sabotaging your fitness success?


Of course this is going to depend on where they’re starting from.


One could have a better support system, or more time. Maybe they have more experience with exercise or in the kitchen so some of those things come easier to them. There are differences in overall health profiles of course. But, we’re going to talk about what we can control.


One of the things I notice with myself as well as clients, is commitment.


With commitment: if you enter into a new fitness program thinking you always have a way out “if” this doesn’t work, you’re already setting yourself up to fail! You will find ways to sabotage your experience and your results.


You may say things to yourself like “I’m not sure this is going to work for me” or “I’ve tried this before and failed”.


And this is going to lead to actions that will support the story you’ve created.


You may start to skip workouts. You’ll  go out to eat and have a couple of drinks, not choose a healthy option on the menu and since its not going to work for you anyway…lets just add  in dessert also.


You’ll become too busy with work or the kids, and you’re social calendar will become more important.


And this is all because when you started, you already gave yourself permission to quit and to stay stuck where you are.


I bet if you think back on some experiences in life and I know this is true for me as well, especially when it come to my fitness success. When you were the most committed…you also got the best results.


This could have been in school, a fitness routine or a job, it doesn’t matter what it was, only that you were 100% in…and you gave yourself no other option.


I’m curious, have you found this to be true for yourself?


Let me know in a comment if you’ve experienced this also.


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