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The emotional toll of being unhappy with your body

When your unhappy with your body, it’s a huge emotional weight.

-Do you avoid activities with the kids like playing on the playground because you’re not comfortable or avoid going to the pool because you don’t want to be in a swimsuit? Not take any photos with family or always hide in the back?

-How about avoiding speaking at or going to meetings at work. Maybe you want to change careers but don’t feel confident enough to go to an interview.

-Skip social activities with friends or coworkers because you can’t find anything that looks good? You try on every outfit and nothing looks good. Do you avoid eating in front of others?

-What about with your spouse or partner? Hide your body from them because there’s no way they can think you’re beautiful or even love you the way you look?
These things are exactly what I’m talking about!

They all take a huge emotional toll on you! It’s a burden you can’t seem to ever escape from. You don’t feel like you. It’s like you’re in someone else’s body and can’t escape!

You’re not YOU anymore!

These thoughts consume so much of your time and energy every day. It’s an emotional trap where you always feel horrible about yourself and can’t seem to find a way out of it.
I will tell you, you’re not alone and maybe more important…you can change it! I know this as I see it every day with my clients.

3 things you can do to start a shift-
1. Nutrition- Make sure you are in a caloric deficit.
2. Weight training- Start a program where you begin to build muscle.
3. Mindset- Begin with the above 2 and celebrate every step towards improving you. Understand that not every thought you have is true. Many are just thoughts to support your “story” that keeps you stuck.

Did any of this resonate with you?

I truly hope this helps as I know if you’re currently unhappy with your body, it feels like there’s no end. This is what I do…Help women dealing with these issues begin to live a life they love again.

If you’re struggling right now and need some help, check out my Body Transformation Program…I’m here to support you.

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